The next time you plan on hitting South Beach in your most scantily clad outfit, you may want to consider whether or not someone will mistake you for a hooker.

Anna Burgese of New Jersey was caught completely off guard when a gang of prostitutes jumped her while staying at the five-star Miami W Hotel after they mistook her for being the competition. To make matters worse, Burgese is claiming in a Federal lawsuit that the hotel actually provided the prostitutes with a getaway cab.

According to local officials, Miami has seen a large influx of prostitution in recent years, and they’re gully as hell. When Burgese went to report the attack, police weren’t too shocked. “They told her that the women were hookers who were likely drunk or on drugs and mistakenly thought Anna was a prostitute,” Burgese’s lawyer says. Her lawyer is also pissed that people aren’t taking the incident seriously. “She is the butt of a number of jokes and people are drawing conclusions about her appearance which are not founded.”

And he’s absolutely right. In the wise words of Dave Chappelle, she is not a whore…but chances are she was wearing a whore’s uniform that night. #justsaying

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