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You know how your favorite lipstick can take you from ho-hum to hot in three seconds flat? Well, there are a few little behaviors that can make you appear less attractive just as fast. To avoid looking anything less than your gorgeous best, steer clear of these uncute quirks.

1. Snapping Your Gum: Perhaps you chew it so you won’t have bad breath. But if given the choice, innocent bystanders might prefer dragon breath to the slurpy sounds of you smacking away—especially when they have no way to escape (think cubicle neighbors, people next to you in the elevator, road-trip buddies). If you’re a habitual gum chewer, practice doing it inaudibly—you know, with your mouth shut. (Or try an Altoid.) And please, don’t blow bubbles. Unlike your first-grade classmates, your current acquaintances are unimpressed. Promise.

2. Wearing a Perma-Pout: When you walk down the street, do construction workers and other dudes constantly say things like “Smile!” and “It ain’t so bad”? It’s natural to want to punch them in response. (Seriously—what do they know about your life?) After that violent urge passes, though, consider that there might be an underlying lesson: Despite some people claiming they look better sans smile, á la Victoria Beckham in her Posh days, there’s nothing more naturally gorgeous than an easy-breezy grin.

It’s time for a new attitude!

3. Being a Mirror-izer: Who’s the fairest of them all? Definitely not the girl who stops to examine her reflection in every shiny surface she encounters during the course of a day: store windows, rearview mirrors, the flip side of a friend’s iPhone. It’s fine to quickly fix a flyaway or make sure there’s no lipstick on your teeth, but if you can’t pass a mirror without being drawn into its gravitational pull, you’ve got an unattractive tic to fix.


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