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If you’ve ever donated to Barack Obama’s campaign, registered to vote or visited his website, you have surely been receiving emails from the Chief and his camp. We started to notice that his subject lines have a certain magic ability to not only make you open them, but feel like you are part of the Obama family. Who cares if it turns out he’s asking you for money? For those few seconds, receiving the email made you feel closer to the Obamas than Bo the White House Dog.

1. Barack Obama courteously lets you know that you will be joined by his beautiful wife.

2. Michelle clearly emails you… often.

3. Michelle sends you tips on your summer organizing. She cares.

4. Obama cares about your opinion enough to brag about his celebrity friends.

5. You plan trips together.

6. Michelle thinks of you when she can’t sleep. (Pause)

7. Barack gives you his attention right before big speeches.

8. You’re his go-to person when he’s in a bind.

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9. He calls you his best friend.

10. Michelle is not only grateful for you, but looks forward to seeing you.

11. The Obamas miss you!

12. Barack is thirsty for your approval.

13. He clearly knows how to get your attention for the important emails.

14. Michelle saves you a seats.

15. No one sends an informal email quite like Barry.

16. Michelle cares about your opinion, too.

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