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geraldo riveraGeraldo Rivera made some questionable comments about the Trayvon Martin tragedy a few months ago and since that comment, he’s appeared on Fox News, claiming that he was “right about the hoodie.” Rivera says that because of Martin’s clothing of choice, he was profiled by George Zimmerman–the self-appointed neighborhood watchman that ended up taking Martin’s life.

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I was fully ready to roast Rivera, then he made connection to the violence that’s been surging in Chicago. ”Where is that same outrage? Where is that same feeling of concern in Chicago where 275 African American kids have killed each other, this year alone. Where is Jessie Jackson? It’s his home town!” Rivera passionately asked.

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It’s a good point. I mean, no one is going to cry “racism” when blacks kill blacks, but where is the outcry? Someone should care, hold protests, sign petitions or something. Although I 100% do not agree with Geraldo about Trayvon’s hoodie essentially being the reason he was killed, I do agree that more needs to be done and said about the level of black on black crime that goes unseen because it’s not as sensationalized as a white on black crime.

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