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We have endlessly discussed the ghetto guys with all of the swagger who have very little to offer when it comes to a real relationship. But what about another type of man that always has some sort of hook-up? They too can be ghetto but they basically are there to take care of the little things that matter so much, until you need help with something big like contributing to a bill– then they are of no assistance.

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Real relationships require a partnership where both parties contribute, these guys are incapable of that kind of commitment. They are stuck in a cycle of poverty and do not want to succeed because of a lack of confidence and often times “the great recession” is an excuse to be trifling. Look, it may take years to boost that confidence and show them how to do better, so you decide if you have the time. When you, the woman, already entered into the partnership with your priorties in tact but now you are in a relationship with a boy.

Here a couple of examples on how they keep you wanting more:

The Handy Man:These are the guys that can fix any and everything in your house and/or your car. The street mechanic that will never try to get a job in that field or open their own shop with no steady income; they do odd jobs here and there. Catch Phrase: “I can’t work a 9-5″

The Work “The System” Brother: These boys know the system in and out they can get you up with a reduced rate food stamp card, the latest news on the section 8 list and where to buy lose cigarettes in the neighborhood.  They are into working the system for everything that it has to offer. But if you really did some investigating you would see that their apartment is probably rented under a different person’s name. This is Hustle Man to the core that may also sell fake designer bags and pirated Cd’s and DVDs. Catch Phrase: “I got the hook-up”

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The Tech Savvy Boy:Very much like the hardy man, but they are tech savvy. They know how to program your VCR, your computer and your Ipod. We all know that a BS in Computer Science would serve their interest much better then tinkering with your PC when it breaks since it comes so naturally. Catch Phrase: ”School is not for me.”

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