When it comes to the health of my daughter Brooklyn Skye, it is vital for her to eat properly. Brooklyn and children like her  are more vulnerable than adults to sicknesses, but eating healthy helps their immune system fight off harmful germs.

When children come home from school, they often don’t wait until dinner to indulge in eating. A healthy, light snack is perfect for situations such as this. Here’s a list of healthy snacks that I feed Brooklyn Skye, and you can try on your child as well: veggie platter, fruit dish,crackers and cheese, applesauce,yogurt, trail mix, granola bars.  Out of this variety they are sure to choose veggie over sweets.  Don’t forget to include a healthy beverage. My suggestions include water (of course), low-fat milk ,soy milk, and 100% fruit juice. I Choose all of the above options are tremendously better than providing cookies, ice cream, and soda. finally this is a formula that will word for adults as well.  BE BLESSED, AND BE HEALTHY

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