With a humble beginning DJ Kut was destined to become a major player in the game.  “Music has always been my escape.  I would sit back and listen to records for hours.  I would put my headphones on and read the album covers and lyrics,” states Kut.  Till this day, he [Kut] can tell you where he was and what he was doing when a certain song comes on.  This is what makes DJ Kut special.  Not only is he a great DJ, he studied the craft way before getting involved with the technical aspect of being a DJ.   “Anytime we would have gatherings at home I would always play records.  We had the one component that pretty much everybody had back in those days, and I would just play music for friends and family,” says Kut.  All of that changed once RadioShack started selling mixers.  “RadioShack sold this mixer that didn’t even have a cross fader made by Realistic, it had a toggle switch.  That pretty much started it all for me.  Once I moved to the Peabody’s, I formed my crew with my boys Patrick and Tony T, who both had the same mixer.  Once RadioShack came out with the one that had a cross fader, we upgraded to that and never looked back” states Kut.

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In order to be considered great, once must be willing to put in the work.  Professional athletes train for years to become household names, and being a DJ is not different.  “I was learning different techniques on how to mix.  I would record mixes from the radio and try to duplicate what ever I heard as practice” say Kut.  This is the equivalent to watching your favorite basketball player shoot jump shots, and mimicking it while in the gym.  “I would see what entry points they used, to get an understanding of how to blend records perfectly,” states the legend.  Once again, no matter where he was; whether it be a block party, or a house party, if there was a DJ in the building, Kut would be standing next to him the entire night.   “Man, I would always make my way up to the DJ to look or ask questions.  DJ G Wiz and DJ Sylvester the Cat did our junior high party, and somehow someway I made it up there to ask questions” states the humbled DJ.  As time went by, DJ Kut realized it was time to take things to the next level.  Having learned the technical aspects of becoming a DJ, it was time to add some personality to the equation.  He enrolled at Florissant Valley Community College, and entered into the broadcasting program, where he would gain insight into becoming a radio personality.  “I was actually going away to school, but I found out that I had a son on the way, and decided it would be best for me to stay home.  I enrolled at Flo, which had a 100watt station which was hands on, to gain some experience in the broadcasting field,” states Kut.

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